A Hudson Valley man who served in Afghanistan is planning on filming a World War I movie in the local area this Summer.

Tyler D. Mendelson from Poughkeepsie tells Hudson Valley Post he’s from Poughkeepsie and is a Marine Corps Afghanistan Veteran who’s raising funds to create a film for the Centennial of World War I.

“I realized for as massive a war as it was, many people today do not know a thing about it," Mendelson said. “This conflict happened just 100 years ago and changed the way wars are fought.”

According to Mendelson, his movie The Hun is a short film drama, during the final stages of World War I. It follows a young American soldier, Private MacDonald. With the Germans advancing, MacDonald and his fellow soldiers mentally prepare for battle.

To raise funds for the film, Mendelson started a kickerstarter campaign. Money raised will go towards a large trench set, accurate uniforms, weapons, props, visual effects, make up, lighting, sound and a camera.

If Mendelson can get enough finical support, filming will begin in Dutchess County in August.

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