The City of Poughkeepsie's new parking administrator has found himself without a parking spot.

A couple of weeks ago the Hudson Valley Post was alerted to a City of Poughkeepsie car parked in a handicap spot at the Public Safety building at 505 Main Street in the Queen City. Hudson Valley Post obtained a photo that showed the vehicle assigned to the parking administrator, parked in the handicap accessible parking spot; one of two at the facility.

On Tuesday, the Hudson Valley Post was notified that the accessible parking spot was painted over, the familiar white and blue sign removed, and a new sign that reads "Parking Department Only" installed in its place. A picture was obtained confirming the reports.

Mayor Rob Rolison was contacted about the parking change and provided the following statement on Tuesday afternoon: "There were two spots at 505 and my understanding is that only one has been used."

The Americans with Disabilities Act along with local regulations dictate the number of required accessible spots is based on the total number of parking spots in the lot. The Hudson Valley Post advised the mayor of those requirements and he agreed that he would investigate the issue.

On Wednesday afternoon, Rolison provided a statement to the Hudson Valley Post that confirms the spot was returned as an accessible spot.

"I spoke with the Building Department this afternoon and the spot will be returned to handicap and the parking operations are being reviewed for location," Rolison said. "The City is sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused."

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