A Hudson Valley man is accused of pushing a woman out of a car and nearly killing a dog.

On Monday the Stamford, Connecticut Police Department announced to arrest of two people from the Hudson Valley. Both were arrested following an investigation at Cummings Beach.

Westchester County, New York Couple Charged Following Domestic Incident At Connecticut Beach That Injured Dog

Stamford, Connecticut Police Department
Stamford, Connecticut Police Department

A Westchester, New York couple was charged with breach of peace and two counts of risk of injury to a minor following a domestic incident at Cummings Beach Saturday night.

Around 10:50 p.m, the Stamford, Connecticut Police Department dispatch received a call from an open 911 line. The dispatcher heard a man and woman fighting and someone screaming for help, officials say.

Arriving officers found a woman walking with an injured dog, police say. According to the Stamford, Connecticut Police Department, the woman told officers her ex-boyfriend pushed her out of a car and then threw the dog out the window. This all played out in front of two children, police say.

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'Horrific Case:' Yonkers, New York 'Coward' Accused of Throwing Dog From Car

Stamford, Connecticut Police Department
Stamford, Connecticut Police Department

The man was identified as 31-year-old Jeremy Cepeda. He was found at home with two children who were not harmed, officers say. Police allege Cepeda drove out of a parking lot, pushed the woman and tossed the four-year-old dog out of the window.

The dog, a chihuahua named Chloe had extensive cranial and neurological injuries, according to police.

"She was rushed to Cornell Veterinarian Hospital, as she was experiencing seizures, and was bleeding from the incident. Dr Simmons and her team at Cornell began emergency measures to stabilize, and save Chloe," Stamford, Connecticut Police Department said in a press release. "As of today, Chloe is stable but is suffering from seizures, and is still showing symptoms from a traumatic brain injury. The Stamford Animal Control Unit and the SPD Special Victims Unit, are following up on this horrific case."

Cepeda is also facing a cruelty to animals charge. He was released after posting a $5,000 bond. Police did not release the woman's name.

Dog's Life Saved After 'Cowardly Act'

Stamford, Connecticut Police Department
Stamford, Connecticut Police Department

Police believe Cornell Veterinarian Hospital saved the dog's life.

"We would like to thank Cornell Veterinarian Hospital and Dr. Simmons for their quick, professional treatment of Chloe, which saved her life. The Animal Control Unit has taken custody of Chloe, and will be determining future living arrangements, and how to reimburse Cornell for the medical bills which were compiled, from this cowardly act," Stamford, Connecticut Police Department Captain Diedrich Hohn stated.

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