As a teenager, a Hudson Valley man admitted he crashed his car while driving drunk, killing one person and severely injuring others.

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Abram Almahri, 21, of New Paltz pleaded guilty plea to aggravated vehicular homicide in Ulster County Court. During the plea, Almahri admitted to engaging in reckless driving while having a blood alcohol content of .18 or higher and his driving caused the death of 25-year-old Jade Randazzo.

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The charges stemmed from an incident on Henry W. DuBois Road on Friday night, March 29, 2019. A then 19-year-old Almahri drove a 2008 Volvo through several stop signs and rear-ended a car stopped at a stop sign.

The speed and momentum caused Almahri’s car to continue into an embankment causing the car to overturn. Almahri had three other passengers in his vehicle, including Randazzo who was killed

Two other passengers suffered severe injuries requiring numerous surgeries and hospitalizations, officials say. The second driver, age 42, who was struck from behind, suffered severe injuries to his back and arm requiring multiple surgeries and has not been able to return to work due to his injuries, according to the Ulster County DA's office.

Almahri’s BAC was .21 approximately one hour after the crash, officials say. Collision reconstruction experts with the New York State Police determined that Almahri’s car was traveling at approximately 50 MPH when it struck the rear of the second vehicle. The area of the crash was in a 30 MPH speed zone.

Immediately after the guilty plea was entered, several members of the victims’ families spoke about the devastating impact this crime had on all of them. Acting County Court Judge James Farrell sentenced Almahri to four to twelve years in state prison, a driver’s license revocation, a $2500 fine and orders of protection for the victims.

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