A Hudson Valley family is hoping for help after their family's goats went missing right after a visitor asked to purchase the pets as food.

Monica Pennings says two goats were recently stolen from her farm, Pennings Farm, in Warwick.

"Some don’t understand that this isn’t just our business, it’s our home, our life, she wrote on Facebook. "This one definitely hurts. I’m so sick to my stomach."

Pennings believes her beloved pets were stolen from her Warwick farm for their meat.

"We had a family come and ask if they could purchase them for meat, we said absolutely not, they are our pets and that night they were stolen from the only loving home they have ever known," Pennings said.

Pennings doesn't believe the people who asked about buying the goats for their meat are local but says she doesn't recall what they look like.

"I’m devastated. These babies have only ever known love. They would have been so easy to steal because the LOVED everyone. They acted like dogs," Pennings said.

The family has had the goats since they were young, bottle-feeding them as babies. They are now about 5-years-old. Pennings describe one has being a "little black" and the other is "black and white."

"We are so upset! We bottle fed these babies and they were STOLEN! We open up our family farm to have people come and enjoy our farm and our precious pets were stolen," she said on Facebook.

According to Pennings, the family has over 150 acres of land so it's not all covered by cameras.

"The far end of pen wasn’t covered, just blocked off. I’m so sickened. I did everything to protect them from coyotes but not people," she said.

Anyone with information about the missing goats is urged to call Warwick police.

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