A Hudson Valley child found bags of drugs inside a shipment of healthy snacks.

Jeanine Mulholland of Greene County told CBS 6 that bags of marijuana were packed on top of a box of snacks ordered online from Graze, a company that ships healthy snacks.

Mulholland's 11-year-old son actually discovered the drugs. Luckily, he called his mother before ingesting any of the marijuana.

"He said, 'Well, I don't think this is supposed to be in there,'" Mulholland told CBS 6. "It was sealed in bags, so when I got home I cut the edge of it to see if it was [marijuana], and it obviously was."

Mulholland also contacted Graze. The company ruled the box wasn't tampered with during packaging after reviewing footage of the box being packed, CBS 6 reports.

The Tannersville mom told CBS she called New York State Police on Sunday and authorities are investigating how the drugs got into the package.

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