The Hudson Valley Bloody Mary Festival scheduled for Kingston in April has reportedly been canceled.

Talk about a bummer. First off,  I'm a huge fan of a good Bloody Mary. A Bloody Mary of course is a cocktail containing vodka, tomato juice and other spices and flavorings. Actually, the Hudson Valley is home to one of New York's best Bloody Marys.

When I heard that there was gonna be a Bloody Mary Festival in the area, I was super stoked! But you could imagine my disappointment, and the disappointment of so many other Bloody Mary lovers in the Hudson Valley, upon hearing that the much anticipated event scheduled for April 16 was canceled.


What is The Bloody Mary Festival?

According to the website, The Bloody Mary Festival is the world's largest Bloody Mary event, now in it's 8th year, bringing together the best Bloody Marys made by local bars, restaurants and craft mixes. Attendees taste them all before voting for the People's Choice Award. The event takes place in various cities, and Kingston was one of the planned stops this year, but that is reportedly no longer happening as the event has been removed from The Bloody Mary Festival official website along with it's Facebook page. If you're up for traveling, you can go to Portland in June, Milwaukee in August, or Minneapolis and Denver in October for The Bloody Mary Festival.

Why the Cancelation?

We reached out to The Bloody Mary Festival for a reason for the cancelation of the event, and we got an automatic reply that we will here back with an answer within 1 to 3 days. We'll update this article if and when we hear.

*UPDATE We heard back from organizers of The Bloody Mary Festival regarding the cancellation of the Kingston event. Here is the response:

Thanks for reaching out. The Bloody Mary Festival is a national touring cocktail event based in NYC. This Hudson Valley event was originally planned in 2019 to happen in Spring 2020. The event typically takes place in large cities but we thought it would be great to showcase the wonderful cocktail/food scene in the Hudson Valley, plus it being so close to our home in Brooklyn. Covid caused us to lose some staff which we have not been able to replace. Now we’re stretched thin and just don’t have the capacity to produce this particular event. We hope to make it there in the future. Thanks again! Evan Weiss, Organizer

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