All students in New York may soon be required to wear seatbelts on school buses. Fines could also go up for passing a school bus.

On Wednesday, Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced new proposals in his fiscal year 2020 Executive Budget in an attempt to increase student safety on school buses.

The Governor's proposal would authorize school districts to install stop-arm cameras on school buses, increase the fine for passing a stopped school bus and require students to wear seatbelts on school buses.

"The safety of New York's schoolchildren is our top priority and reckless drivers who put our kids in danger must be held accountable," Cuomo said. "Motorists have a responsibility to pay attention and abide by the law, especially when driving in the vicinity of school buses, and these measures will ensure students make it to and from school safely and help prevent needless tragedies."

In April 2018, during a day in which police cracked down on drivers passing school buses over 850 were tickets were issued for passing school buses, according to the Governor's office.

Based on that one day's tickets, the Governor's office estimates someone passes a stopped school bus 150,000 times a year.

Stop-arm cameras would document and record the illegal passing of a school bus and help issue a resulting ticket in order to stop this behavior for good, officials say.

As an added deterrent, the proposal would increase the fine for passing a stopped school bus.

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