McDonald's investigated after a customer thought he was served an alcoholic beverage at a Hudson Valley location.

On Sunday, a Cornwall man posted photos to Facebook believing he was served a rum and coke when he ordered diet coke at the McDonald's on Broadway in the City of Newburgh.

However, after contacting McDonald's, and returning to the Newburgh location, he was shown proof his drink wasn't spiked.

The customer told Hudson Valley Post, McDonald's was able to show him HD quality video taken from security cameras that show the cup coming out of its sleeve, soda being poured from the soda machine into the cup and the cup being handed to his wife.

"If I didn't go there and see the video with my own eyes I would not have believed it myself because it def tasted like strong rum and coke," the Cornwall man told Hudson Valley Post in a Facebook message.

After seeing the video, the customer tells Hudson Valley Post he now believes either the soda machine malfunctioned or the syrup was bad.

“Providing safe food and beverages to our customers is our priority. After reviewing the security footage together with the customer, we were able to confirm that nothing had been added to his beverage," McDonald’s Owner/Operator Dean Colley told Hudson Valley post in a email.

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