A Hudson Valley man is accused of using Medicaid rides as a personal taxi, racking up $10,000 in fraudulent charges.

In a continuing investigation into the misuse of Medicaid transportation services, the Sullivan County Welfare Fraud Task Force arrested Carl M. Wolkoff, 57, of Monticello on Thursday.

Wolkoff allegedly used Medicaid transportation over the last five years as a personal taxi service instead of its intended use to make doctor visits. Wolkoff racked up approximately $10,000 in fraudulent Medicaid charges, police say.

Wolkoff was arrested on Thursday at his home after he was allegedly dropped off in a Medicaid taxi. According to police, he was returning home from a local Laundromat with a bag of freshly washed clothes. He was charged with offering a false instrument for filing, a felony, and theft of services, a felony.

Wolkoff was sent to the Sullivan County Jail without bail.

The Sullivan County Welfare Fraud Task Force is investigating more claims of Medicaid fraud and say they expect more arrests.

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