Many Hudson Valley residents are helping the family of twins who died after their father forgot them in a hot car.

Juan Rodriguez, 39, of Rockland County was charged this weekend with two counts each of manslaughter and criminally negligent homicide.

According to prosecutors, the Iraq War veteran told police he thought he dropped off his 1-year-old twins at daycare before heading to work at a hospital in the Bronx Friday morning. Rodriguez did drop off an older child at another daycare Friday morning but then discovered his twins in the backseat of his car after working his shift.

Rodriguez found Luna and Phoenix Rodriguez unconscious and foaming from the mouth in the back of the car Friday around 4 p.m. Rodriguez immediately called 911 but the babies were pronounced dead at the scene.

Friends and family of the Rodriguez family started a GoFundMe fundraiser to help the family deal with their tragedy.

"We kindly ask for your love and support. Life will never be the same for them. Beyond being completely devastated and heart-broken, the road ahead is a difficult one, between funeral arrangements, the media frenzy preventing them from returning home, home and legal expenses, and lost wages," the GoFundMe states.

According to the GoFundme, the tragedy is due to "Forgotten Baby Syndrome," where parents accidentally forget about a child and leave them in their vehicle while performing daily tasks and routines.

The GoFundMe also shows support to the father.

"Juan Rodriguez is a loving father and a dedicated husband, with a relentless drive to improve the lives of his family and community. A disabled veteran, as well as a social worker for the VA Hospital in the Bronx; he has first-hand knowledge of how traumatic experiences can impact lives. He has helped countless veterans with their daily lives and has served as a liaison between veterans, and outside agencies that work closely with the VA hospital. He has dedicated his life to public service, positively affecting thousands of lives. Juan is an honest and hard-working man. A man who now has to deal with the same type of traumatic loss that he has helped others cope with in the past," the GoFundMe says.

As of this writing, over 800 people have donated raising over $71,000.

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