Nice and New York State aren't typically said together. But turns out, that New Yorkers are nicer than most Americans when it comes to this.

A spokesperson from North Star Inbound reached out to Hudson Valley Post to let us know about how nice Empire State residents are to delivery drivers.

How Nice Are New York State Residents?


"It’s either you or your neighbors, someone is likely getting a delivery each day around you," the spokesperson said in an email to Hudson Valley Post. "While viral videos show crazy things happening to delivery people, a new study shows the positive side of where Americans are nicest to them. These areas do things like tipping, or merely sharing a smile and New York is one of the nicest!"

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New York State Residents Are Great To Delivery Workers


Turns out, New York State is one of the nicest states in all of America when it comes to treating delivery workers.

New York State ranked the 12th nicest state towards their delivery people.

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Other Key Findings For New York State

  • 58% of New York respondents said they always smile at delivery people
  • 60% always make eye contact with them.
  • 50% of New York respondents said they are more generous tipping during the holiday season
  • 36% said they always tip 20% to food delivery people.
  • 16% of New York respondents know their mail person’s name.
  • New York City ranked the #7 best city to be a delivery person

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Nicest States


The study found that people living in Kentucky, Virginia, and Georgia are the nicest to delivery drivers.

Worst States

Residents in Kansas, Indiana, and Washington were found to be the least nice.

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