Some school districts in New York officially announced the end of snow days. Many are worried this could happen in the Hudson Valley and other parts of the state.

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On Wednesday, the New York City Department of Education dropped on bomb on educators, students and parents. Snow days are a thing of the past. On snow days students will participate in virtual learning.

"The DOE will shift all students to remote instruction in lieu of canceling schools due to severe weather conditions. "On Snow days or days when school buildings are closed due to an emergency, all students and families should plan on participating in remote learning," the New York City Department of Education stated.

Officials say the COVID-19 pandemic taught us all students can learn from home, so there is no reason to cancel school due to weather.

Many voiced their displeasure with the new policy.

Some teachers were tweeting that the cancellation of snow days is cruel. Students called it unfair while a parent joked their grandchildren won't believe them that there was a thing called snow days.

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It's unclear as of this writing if any school district in the Hudson Valley will cancel snow days. Each school district will make its own decision on the future of snow days.

One parent told Hudson Valley Post he is in favor of canceling snow days forever because students should now be equipped for virtual learning. He went on to tell us students will actually learn from home, rather than a day of no teaching, and because students won't be traveling to and from school each student will still have plenty of time to relax inside or play outside in the snow.

What do you think? Should snow days remain in the Hudson Valley? Or be canceled forever?

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