The Simpsons left many Upstate New York resident's very confused. And it doesn't make much sense why.

Over the weekend, I stumbled upon and Instagram post and was shocked by many of the comments.

Simpsons Mentions Upstate New York, Utica, Albany

"The Simpsons" 350th Episode Block Party
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Around Albany shared and old clip from The Simpsons that mentions Upstate New York, Albany and Utica.

They are mentioned in the episode titled "22 Short Films About Springfield."

The episode originally aired all the way back in April of 1996. The episode features a number of shorts regarding things happening in Springfield.

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A "Steamed Hams" segment becoming a popular Internet meme in 2016 and is trending again in New York State thanks to the Instagram post.

Steamed Hams Is An Albany Thing?

Getty Stock / ThinkStock and Debra Millet via canva
Getty Stock / ThinkStock and Debra Millet via canva

In the "Steamed Hams" short, Principal Seymour Skinner invites Superintendent Gary Chalmers over for a meal. Skinner's meal ends up getting burnt, and he told the superintendent the steam was from "steam clams" he was making.

He then rushed to Krusty Burger and serves the hamburgers to Chalmers, as if he made the burgers himself. When Chalmers questioned about the "steamed clams" Principal Skinner proclaimed he said "steamed hams" and not "steamed clams"

Here's where Upstate New York gets a few mentions.

Superintendent Gary Chalmers: "I thought we were having steamed clams?"

Principal Seymour Skinner: "No, no I said steam hams. That's what I call hamburgers."

Superintendent Gary Chalmers: "You call a hamburger steamed hams?"

Principal Seymour Skinner: "Yes, it's a regional dialect.

Superintendent Gary Chalmers: "It's a regional dialect? Of what region?"

Principal Seymour Skinner: "Uhhh, Upstate New York."

Superintendent Gary Chalmers: Really? Well I'm from from Utica and I never heard anyone near the phrase steamed hams."

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Principal Seymour Skinner: "Oh, not a Utica.. No, it's an Albany expression."

Superintendent Gary Chalmers: "I see."

You can see the clip below:

Is Steamed Hams An Albany, New York Expression?

What surprised me the most about this Instagram post is the fact that some many people from the Albany area couldn't tell it was a joke, or that Principal Skinner was lying.

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Here are some comments from confused Upstate New Yorkers:

I've literally never heard anyone say that and I've lived here my whole life. ‍♀️


Since when is this an expression here?


As an Albany native for 30+ years, not once have I ever heard of this

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I defense of the commenters, the clip shared by Around Albany doesn't show the part where Skinner burns his meal. But, The Simpsons is a comedy and it's clear from his "uhhh" that Principal Skinner is lying.

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