A bear ran through the backyard of a Hudson Valley home while a woman was grilling dinner.

Marc Pinieri sent video to Hudson Valley Post that shows a bear running through his backyard as his wife, Heather, was cooking dinner.

Marc says it happened around 8:30 p.m. in the backyard of his Goshen home. In the video, which you can see below, you can see Heather cooking on the grill, in the rain, while holding an umbrella.

Not only did poor Heather have to cook outside in the wet weather but soon she was approached by a wild animal!

In the video, you can see the bear dart through the Pinieri's yard! It also appears, for a brief moment, which I'm sure felt like a lifetime for Heather, the bear stared directly at Heather!

The bear then made a turn into the neighbor's yard as Heather quickly, and I should add wisely, went inside.

The bear briefly stayed in the neighbor's yard before disappearing into a wooded area.

"This is why I always let her do the grilling," Marc Pinieri joked in an email sent to Hudson Valley Post.

Marc added that his wife later went back out to finishing grilling and "didn't burn anything."

Could this bear be one of seven bears recently released back into the wild in the Hudson Valley? The DEC recently announced the rehabilitated bears were brought to undisclosed locations in Sullivan and Ulster counties.

The Hudson Valley has seen an increase in bear sightings in recent weeks, and that's to be expected. The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation recently warned about bears coming out of hibernation in search of food.

During the Taste of Country Music Festival, bears entered tents in the camping area and ate some food. Around the same time, a bear was filmed running near a number of homes in Beacon.

This past Monday, Kingston police say a bear was spotted running around in a local playground and also on Monday, Kingston police dealt with a  large black snake that decided to try to enter Dallas Hot Weiners. 

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