The weather is changing here in the Hudson Valley. With spring weather on the way we'll be out in our yards prepping them for warmer temperatures.

With that being said, the Department of Environmental Conservation is advising New Yorkers to be careful with what they put out in their yards. Specifically they are advising to remove bird feeders.

The DEC says that the bird feeders will most likely draw attention to black bears in the area. In a press release the DEC says "last fall, many black bears went into their dens with low fat reserves and as they begin to emerge from winter dens, have already begun seeking out food sources around homes."

Black Bear Rolling
Getty Images/iStockphoto

The press release, that was posted on Monday, March 25th, reports that the DEC has already "received several reports that bears are knocking down bird feeders to eat the seed."

To avoid bear and human conflict the DEC recommends the following:

  • Take down bird feeders by April 1
  • Store garbage inside secure buildings
  • Feed pets indoors

For more details on how to reduce human-bear conflict you can visit the official page on the DEC website.

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