If you live long enough in the Hudson Valley you are bound to run into a Black Snake somewhere but at the door of a favorite Hudson Valley hot dog shop, that's crazy. The Kingston Police Department shared on their Facebook page that they were called to Dallas Hot Wieners yesterday afternoon for what they joked was "a hostage situation at 490 Broadway." Slightly accurate if you consider that no one was going out that door while this slinky customer was trying to get in to place an order.

Apparently, there were patrons at the shop stuck inside who refused to leave until the snake was long gone. There were probably many reasons why this Black Snake choose the stoop to hang out on. Being made of concrete it was probably a great place to cool off. And then of course add to that the fact that Dallas Hot Wieners are delicious so why settle for a mouse when you could have a Dallas Slaw Dog.

Yesterday's snake incident wasn't the Kingston PD's only run in with wildlife on Monday. They also reported that minutes earlier they had been called to a playground area at Kingston Point where a bear cub was taking his turn on the swings. Not really but he was running around the park. Once police arrived the cub apparently ran into the woods near the bike track.

They ended their post yesterday with this message

"Remember we live in an area rich with wildlife – be kind to them and let them be.

Stay safe!"

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