A police confrontation in the Hudson Valley outside of a New York celebrities bar is going viral.

The Yonkers Police Department says the video involves a person who fled police officers while she was being detained during an investigation into her alleged reckless driving of an unregistered moped on a busy Yonkers sidewalk.

Incident Outside New York Celebrity's Store Goes Viral in Yonkers, New York

"Unregistered and uninsured moped operation on Yonkers streets and sidewalks is one of the most frequent complaints from community groups in recent months," Yonkers Police Department stated.

Yonkers Police Department
Yonkers Police Department

A video of the incident was posted to TikTok. It shows white police officers struggling with a black woman. The woman, Bianca McCovery claimed to be a food delivery worker.

"After he slammed me on the floor, he check my bag, threw my stuff out my bag, checked my pockets, he wasn't supposed to do that," McCovery told ABC. "I might have been wrong from walking away from him, but he never told me I was arrested until he had me down on the floor."

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"The Yonkers Police Department is committed to transparency and serving the Yonkers community with service, integrity, and respect. More information regarding this interaction may be released as it becomes available," the Yonkers Police Department said.

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You can see the full video below:

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