A wild party in the lower Hudson Valley is credited with leading the Yankees to a World Series championship.

In 2009, New York Yankees slugger Alex Rodriguez was living at a mansion in Westchester, about 20 miles from Yankee Stadium. In July of that year, Rodriguez's then-girlfriend, Kate Hudson, hosted a birthday party for A-Rod and the entire Bronx Bombers.

Almost the entire team, including players, coaches and wives or girlfriends, came to A-Rod's Rye home to celebrate his 34th birthday.

Months later, in October, the Yankees would go on to win their 27th World Series title. The birthday bash in the Hudson Valley is credited with bonding the team, leading them to the championship.

“That party was huge for us,” CC Sabathia said in an excerpt published in the New York Post from the new book “Mission 27.” "That was like the first time we had something where almost everybody on the roster came, and we had a blast. Just doing something together away from the field, I think it helps guys."

Jay-Z was also in attendance and the highlight of the party was said to be a pool party, started by Alex Rodriguez.

“He blew out his candles and ran and jumped in that pool,” AJ Burnett says in the excerpt. “I looked at CC, CC looked at me, and we ran and jumped in. Then everybody runs and jumps in. It was wild. Phones, watches, everything on. It was just, ‘Oh, he did it. We’ve got to go.’"

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