A non-verbal autistic child was critically injured after an apparent fall from an apartment building in the Hudson Valley.

4-Year-Old Child Critically Injured After Fall From Window in Westchester County, New York

CBS New York/Youtube
CBS New York/Youtube

A 4-year-old child fell from an apartment window in New Rochelle, Westchester County, New York Friday evening. The boy's parents rushed to find the police after the four-year-old went missing Friday evening.

The parents found officers from the New Rochelle Police Department near Fifth Street and Union Avenue and told officers their son was missing.

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New Rochelle Police Search For Missing Four-Year-Old Boy in New York

The parents told police they believed their four-year-old son strayed from their New Rochelle Apartment building. The four-year-old boy is reportedly a non-verbal autistic child.

Police searched the area of the apartment building and found the missing child unconscious in the grass behind the Westchester County apartment building, CBS New York reports.


CBS New York/YouTube
CBS New York/YouTube

It's believed the child fell from the window of the apartment or from the roof of the seven-story building.

Four-Year-Old Westchester County, New York Child in Critical Condition

The four-year-old child is said to be in critical, but stable condition. More information isn't known at this time.

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