Get ready to find a ticket on your car, or worse your car towed if you park in any of these spots. Officials add there are statewide parking rules that " are not always indicated by signs."

I assume to many it's common sense, but the New York State DMV is reminding all New Yorkers it's illegal to park in a number of areas.

"There are statewide rules not always indicated by signs," the New York State DMV states.

Where You Can't Park In New York

According to the New York State DMV, you can't park in the following areas:

Within 15 feet of a fire hydrant. A licensed driver can be in a parked car near a fire hydrant because the driver can move in case of an emergency.


On the road, directly next to another parked car. This is commonly called "double parking."

In an intersection.

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On a bridge.

Port Jervis Fire Department/Facebook
Port Jervis Fire Department/Facebook

In a tunnel.

Within 50 feet of a railroad crossing.

Within 30 feet of a pedestrian safety area.

On railroad tracks.

railroad tracks fading into the distance


Next road work, construction or other obstructions.

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Within 20 feet of a crosswalk.

On a curb.

Along a curb that was lowered, removed, or constructed to give access to the sidewalk.

Along a curb that is cut, lowered or made for access to the sidewalk.

Within 30 feet of a traffic light.

On a sidewalk.

Young boy rides his yellow bicycle down a sidewalk


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Within 30 feet of a STOP sign.

Within 30 feet of a YIELD sign.

In front of a driveway.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Within 20 feet of a fire station driveway

Within 75 feet across the street from a fire station.

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