Your local pharmacy might be closed this week.

Walgreens employees across the nation are planning a walkout.

Walgreens Walkout Planned

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Walgreens workers are demanding changes and are staging walkouts across the country this week, CNN confirmed.

The walkout is planned between Monday, Oct. 9, and Wednesday, Oct. 11. Some workers will walk out for just one day while other workers say stores will be closed for all three days.

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Why Walkouts Are Planned At Walgreens

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Fed-up workers are walking out over harsh working conditions that employees say make it hard to safely fill prescriptions. This puts customer's health at work.

“We don’t believe that Walgreens is allowing us to give our patients safe care on a daily basis,” an anonymous walkout organizer told CNN. “Walgreens isn’t responding, they’re not fixing those things.”

Unclear How Many Walgreens Will Close

Because Walgreens employees don't have a union it's unclear how many stores across New York State and the country will be closed this week.

Google Maps
Google Maps

But CNN has received word from employees from over 500 locations nationwide that plan to participate in the walkout.

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Pharmacy employees are using social media like Facebook and Reddit as well as emails and fliers to help plan walkouts and spread the news to other Walgreens workers.

Some Walgreens locations will be closed this week with no employees in sight. Others will have one worker to explain to customers why the pharmacy is closed.

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