The Buffalo Bills won't be going to the Super Bowl, but that might actually be a good thing for New Yorkers.

It was a heartbreaking loss for the Bills on Sunday night. Buffalo hasn't appeared in a Super Bowl since 1994. Starting in 1991, the team appeared in four consecutive championship games, which is a record. Of course, the team famously lost each time, which ties another record with the Minnesota Vikings for the most Super Bowl appearances without a win.

Since their string of championship losses, the Bills have only appeared in six playoff games, losing each one. This year, however, was a turning point for the team and its dedicated fans. Years without a victory had die-hard Bills fans ready for Super Bowl redemption. But Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs put that dream on hold for another year on Sunday after defeating the Bills 38 to 24.

So, why is this good news for the Hudson Valley?

Sadly, we're continuing to battle our way out of the worst part of the COVID-19 pandemic. After Thanksgiving and Christmas, cases spiked in the region as a direct result of indoor gatherings and parties.

If Buffalo did, indeed, make it to the Super Bowl, there's no doubt that fans throughout the Hudson Valley would feel like they had no choice but to gather to watch the historic game. Although local politicians and medical experts have been urging people to refrain from Super Bowl parties this year, It's likely that many New Yorkers would ignore the warning and gather anyway.

So, while it's a major bummer that the Bills aren't making it to the Super Bowl, we can at least take comfort in knowing that football fans in New York will be less likely to trigger another spike in COVID-19 cases. In 2021, we'll take whatever little victories we can.


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