After being closed due to COVID-19 a popular restaurant in the region is set to reopen with a new policy.

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Last week, Annarella Ristorante on Malden Turnpike in Saugerties announced COVID-19 forced owners to briefly close.

"Unfortunately, one person tested positive for COVID-19. All reservations have been canceled and we will be closed for testing and cleaning," Annarella Ristorante wrote on Facebook. "For everyone's safety, we decided to close until we get the results that everybody has tested negative. (We were advised it's not mandatory to shut down because this is an isolated incident, but we took the initiative to do so.) We would rather be safe than sorry, and of course, you feel the same because it's important for all of us to be protected."

Owners added when the Italian restaurant reopens a new policy will be in place.

"When we reopen, we will be taking people's temperatures with a 'no touch' thermometer as an extra precaution," Annarella Ristorante wrote on Facebook. "Thank you very much for your patience, understanding and loyal support."

On Wednesday, after hiring a professional cleaning company, Annarella Ristorante announced plans to reopen on Monday. Owners shared photos and a video of the cleaning process saying "every part of the restaurant was disinfected."

After initially announcing staff would be taking everyone's temperatures, owners updated their policy saying staff's temperatures will be checked each day, but customers can decide if they want their temperature taken.

"As an additional precaution, we are now taking all staff’s temperature with a ‘no touch’ thermometer. It’s up to your discretion to have your temperature taken, all employees have to have it done," Annarella Ristorante wrote on Facebook.

On Friday, owners said the reopening has been pushed back until Wednesday, Jan. 27. A reason for the delayed reopening wasn't given.

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