Hudson Valley lawmakers continue to battle with New York City officials over a plan the house over 300 migrants in the Hudson Valley.

Earlier this week, Orange and Rockland counties each declared a State of Emergency over New York City's migrant relocation plan.

State Of Emergency In Orange, Rockland Counties


Executives from each county announced the State of Emergency in response to New York City's plan to send migrants to hotels in Orange and Rockland counties.

New York City Mayor Eric Adams announced plans to send over 300 migrants to two hotels in the Hudson Valley because of overcrowding in New York City.

Adams said New York City is running out of room for asylum seekers.

Rockland County lawmakers discovered New York City planned to ship 340 adult men to Armoni Inn and Suites in Orangeburg for four months with plans to secure their work permits to integrate into the community.


Orange County officials were told Mayor Adams wanted to send 60 migrants to the county.

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However, county officials allege they learned New York City officials really wanted to send hundreds of additional asylum seekers to Orange County, in the Town of Newburgh.


Asylum Seekers Will No Longer Be Sent To Newburgh

It was believed that some migrants would arrive in Newburgh on Wednesday. However, late Wednesday Orange County Executive Steve Neuhaus was told that plan was scrapped.

"Earlier this evening, I was informed that asylum seekers from New York City will not be sent to be housed in motels in the Town of Newburgh in the near future," Neuhaus said. "I will continue to challenge any efforts to transport these individuals to Orange County and will keep you informed and updated on any new developments pertaining to this important issue."

Orange County Government
Orange County Government

Update: 2 p.m. Despite what Neuhaus mentioned Wednesday night, a bus carrying migrants arrived in Newburgh Thursday afternoon.

We will have more information about this soon.

Migrants Will Still Be Sent To Rockland County

On Wednesday, Rockland County officials announced New York City is "proceeding with plans" to send migrants to the county.

"But as this is a home rule state, the city does not have that authority over the County and Town which are taking a multi-pronged approach to stop what we know will become a one-way ticket to homelessness for these 340 adults," Rockland County stated.

Rockland County is now suing New York City to try and stop buses of asylum seekers being sent to a hotel in Orangetown. The lawsuit alleges New York City is turning the hotel into a shelter because migrants would be relocated for months. Stating the hotel is not qualified to be a shelter.

Border Crossings By Migrants Surge To Highest Levels Since 2006
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"To those who simplistically criticize us as anti-immigration and hateful ... the fact is that we’re not without a heart," Rockland County Executive Ed Day said. "Rockland County is working closely with and funds many nonprofits that help all residents, including the homeless population in our county and has upped our contributions to the many local food pantries who have seen upswings in the number of people seeking help."

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Title 42 expires on May 11. The COVID pandemic-era rule allowed police to quickly deport migrants found crossing the border in hopes of preventing the spread of contagious diseases.

President Joe Biden said the expected migrant surge at the southern border due to Title 42 ending will be “chaotic for a while” adding he's not sure if the United States is prepared for the large flood of migrants arriving from Mexico.

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