Some snow, sleet and freezing rain are still in the forecast for this weekend for the Hudson Valley.

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Following the coldest mornings in the Hudson Valley of 2020, residents were warned about a chance of a major snowstorm for this upcoming weekend.

"We continue to watch the storm threat for Saturday into Sunday. A complicated storm system within a mild weather pattern, will give very little margin for error for snow lovers. The guidance over the last 24 hours has trended more and more toward a brief period of wet snow quickly changing to rain," Hudson Valley Weather wrote on Tuesday.

At one point, the forecast called for over a foot of snow for the Hudson Valley, but within 24 hours that threat went away, according to Hudson Valley Weather. 

On Wednesday, Hudson Valley Weather gave the good news to those who don't want another weekend snowstorm saying the threat of a snowstorm "dramatically diminished."

"In short, it now appears that rain... not snow... will fall beginning Saturday morning, and tapering off Saturday evening," Hudson Valley Weather wrote on Facebook. "The Catskills may still see wet snow."

The National Weather Service still says there's a chance of a wintry mix for Ulster and Dutchess counties. With a chance of snow, freezing rain and sleet Saturday morning and then rain the rest of the day.

At the very least, all of the Hudson Valley is expected to see rain or freezing rain Saturday.

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