We've learned what cars in New York State were part of the most fatal accidents and what vehicles are considered the "safest."

A spokesperson for Glass Doctor reached out to Hudson Valley Post to share with us its findings about the most dangerous and least dangerous car brands in New York State.

"One study analyzed the top three car brands in each U.S. state that reported the most fatal car crashes over a decade. Using this information from the NHTSA, the researchers were able to determine which brands were among the safest," the spokesperson told Hudson Valley Post in an email.

Car Crash

The findings are based on over a decade’s worth of fatal crash data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

Safest Car Brands In the United States

1) Audi: .054 fatal crashes per 1,000 drivers over the decade


2) Subaru: 0.55 fatal crashes per 1,000 drivers over the decade
3) Mercedes-Benz: 0.75 fatal crashes per 1,000 drivers over the decade

Most Dangerous Car Brands In the United States

3) Buick: 2.71 fatal crashes per 1,000 drivers over the decade
2) Mitsubishi: 2.78 fatal crashes per 1,000 drivers over the decade
1) Dodge: 4.03 fatal crashes per 1,000 drivers over the decade

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"It is important to note that there are many different factors to consider when evaluating the safety of a car brand, such as the specific model and year of the vehicle. Advancements in safety technology and design have led to significant improvements in car safety across all brands in recent years. Nonetheless, it is important for consumers to do their research and prioritize safety when selecting a vehicle," Glass Doctor states.

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What about New York State?

Below are the "safest" and "most dangerous" car brands in the Empire State, according to a decade's worth of research.

Safest Car Brands In New York

1) Kia

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2) Audi
3) Lexus

Most Dangerous Car Brands In New York State

3) Infiniti
2) Lincoln Mitsubishi

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1) Dodge

"Ultimately these findings can help inform consumers when making car-buying decisions and encourage automakers to continue prioritizing safety in their vehicles. Overall, safety remains a crucial factor to consider when selecting a car, and these insights provide valuable information for anyone in the market for a new vehicle," Glass Doctor concluded.

Note: Glass Doctor didn't provide statistics regarding fatal crashes per 1,000 New York State drivers over the past decade.

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