In case you find yourself upside down in your community pool, maybe one of the biggest teen stars will save you.

One of the stars from Stranger Things was just recently spotted in the Hudson Valley and no we know why. Apparently, he is working part-time as a lifeguard at his local pool.

There are celebrity sightings all over the Hudson Valley. We see people post selfies with big stars almost every week on social media. Maybe you have run into one at one the street or at a local restaurant. The last place you would expect to see a star of one of the biggest shows on television would be your local pool. Imagine seeing him in a uniform because he is working there. You might think you were in a hidden camera show.

It has been 6 years since Stranger Things took the world by storm. The show has become part of our culture now.

Noah Schnapp plays Will Byers on the hit show and though he portrays a kid from Hawkins, Indiana he is actually from the Hudson Valley.  According to his Wikipedia page, Schnapp grew up in Scarsdale, New York.

Netflix's "Stranger Things" Season 4 Premiere
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Earlier this month Schnapp stopped into Baked in Color Bakery in Larchmont with his sister and a family friend and tried some of their brownies. The shop employees said he was extremely friendly and accommodating to fans who wanted a picture with him.

What keeps him so grounded? Earlier this week it was revealed that he works as a lifeguard at his local pool. Posts on TikTok confirmed that he is a lifeguard in the lower Hudson Valley of New York.

@abstalish4 @Noah Schnapp @spongeybobsquarepants #fyp♬ Fortnite Move Do It Again - denxz?

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