Hudson Valley drivers may receive some steep penalties for not paying tolls.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced new regulation to crack-down on repeat toll offenders is now in effect.

The DMV can now suspend vehicle registration for drivers who don’t pay three tolls in a five year period. Motorists of commercial vehicles are subject to the same penalties if they fail to pay $200 or more in a five year period.

Previous regulations only allowed for a suspension of a vehicle’s registration when a toll violator avoided five or more toll payments within an 18-month window.

“Toll evaders flaunt the law and do so on the backs of hard working New Yorkers who play by the rules,” Cuomo stated. “This action provides new tools to ensure these scofflaws pay their fair share. “

In order to have their vehicle registration suspension lifted, or to avoid a suspension, repeat toll violators will have to pay outstanding tolls and fees.

According to the governor’s office, tolling authorities will send violators notices for each toll violation, advising them of the amount owed, how to pay and how to dispute the alleged violation.

The new regulation applies to New York tolling authorities, including the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, the New York State Thruway Authority, the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, and the New York State Bridge Authority.

The new regulation is a direct result of the expansion of open-road automatic tolling, officials say.

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