New York State is considering a unique method to prevent speeding drivers.

New York State lawmakers have proposed a new law that aims to stop repeat speeders from continuing to break the law.

New York Lawmakers Want "Speed Limiters" Placed In Some Cars

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State Senator Andrew Gounardes and Assemblywoman Emily Gallagher proposed placing "speed limiters" into some driver's cars.

"The legislation responds to a public safety issue, with speed contributing to a third of all traffic fatalities, and every 10 mph of increased speed doubling the risk of death. They state speed limiters have been shown to reduce traffic deaths by 37 percent," Gounardes and Gallagher said in a joint statement.

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What Does This Mean For New York State Drivers?

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Under the bill proposal, only drivers with six speeding tickets and red-light camera violations or four-speed camera violations or red-light violations, in one year, would have to place the speed-limiting devices into their vehicles.

It would also apply to drivers who earn 11 or more points on their licenses within an 18-month period, Fox reports.

"Speed limiters" would be installed for at least one year, but could extend to three years.

The device would make sure a driver couldn't go 5 miles per hour above a posted speed limit.

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Device Compared To Breathalyzer


The "speed limiters" are compared to the breathalyzer analysis system that keeps those with past DWIs from driving under the influence.

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