New York State residents are told to "get your snow shovels ready."

AccuWeather is out with it's forecast for the 2023-2024 winter season.

Get Ready For Snow In New York State


AccuWeather predicts what many other weather experts have been forecasting, a snowy winter for New York State.

"A strengthening El Niño will make this winter different than last year in part of the United States. It will be colder with plenty more snow for millions of people," AccuWeather states. "This winter's weather in the Northeast is expected to be much different than last winter across most of New England and the mid-Atlantic."

New York State: "Get Your Snow Shovels Ready

AccuWeather thinks "millions of people" in the Northeast will see more snow then they did last winter.

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Putting it bluntly, AccuWeather told Northeast residents, like New Yorkers to "Get your snow shovels ready!"

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Hefty Snowfall In January And February In New York State

AccuWeather believes the window for "snow-producing nor'easters" that could "dish out hefty snowfall amounts" starts in late January through the month of February.

"That will be our best opportunity to see some of these big Northeast systems," AccuWeather Lead Long-Range Meteorologist and veteran forecaster Paul Pastelok said.

Nor'easter Possible In November In New York State

Joshua Lott
Joshua Lott

Pastelok and his team at AccuWeather also say there could be a major snowstorm at some point next month.

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"An early-season nor'easter can't be ruled out either as the ingredients for a snowstorm may come together sometime in November," AccuWeather said.

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