Now that the weather is warm, more roadwork is happening on Hudson Valley roads and highways.

During my commute to the station today, I was driving on I-84 eastbound, and when I approached exit 6, the highway was totally backed up. I decided I didn't feel like dealing with the headache of it all, so I drove around to enter I-84 from Route 300. I see I-84 from Route 300, and the highway is STILL backed up with traffic. I make the painstaking trip to the entrance ramp for exit 8, and see that I-84 has finally cleared up from there.

Further up I-84, near Carmel, I encounter more road work causing more traffic on the highway. The entire left lane was closed for a portion of I-84 eastbound nearing exit 19. Returning westbound on I-84, near exit 17, the right lane was closed for more roadwork.

Trust me, I'm thrilled the potholes are finally being fixed. But man, does all this traffic caused by the roadwork suck.

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