New York State lawmakers think their latest responses to an ongoing "crisis" will help fill over a half-million open positions across the state.

On Monday, New York Gov. Kathy Hochul provided an update on the ongoing "migrant crisis."

New York State Assigns More National Guard Members

NY Governor Andrew Cuomo Holds Daily Briefing At Javits Center
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New York State is assigning another 150 National Guard members to support its asylum seeker crisis response.

“It is critical that we help secure work authorization for asylum seekers and migrants in New York,” Governor Hochul said. “We need to ensure individuals can navigate the paperwork necessary to get them established here so they can work and start making their American Dream a reality. Our National Guard members play a huge role in assisting in the process and we are grateful for their service.”

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The 150 additional National Guard members are in addition to the 1,900 that are currently helping with logistics and operational support to asylum seekers statewide, officials say.

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This new deployment means New York State 250 National Guard personnel now have full-time responsibilities as case management professionals for migrants.

"The members of the New York National Guard and our State Defense Forces look forward to playing a role in the efforts to help asylum seekers link with services they need to be successful, and find opportunities and jobs they need to be self-sufficient," Major General Ray Shields said.

Hochul's office believes this new measure builds on a $50 million state investment in case management to help migrants file paperwork, secure legal work status and get out of shelters.

Crisis Develops As Greece Struggles With Migrant Numbers After Border Closures
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This deployment, along with the thus far, will help asylum seekers and migrants file the appropriate paperwork to attain legal work status and exit taxpayer-funded shelters.

White House Responds To Hochul's Request

Last week, President Joe Biden announced that people from Venezuela who arrived in the United States on or before July 31, 2023, can apply for temporary protected status and start working within 30 days.

President Joe Biden Attends A Get Out The Vote Rally For Gov. Hochul And NY Democrats
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Gov. Hochul says that decision will help New York State because there are nearly half a million open positions across New York State.

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