We remember and honor the lives of the Hudson Valley residents who lost their lives 22 years ago.

Remembering The Hudson Valley, New York Lives Lost on 22nd Anniversary of 9/11

Below is the list Hudson Valley Post created to remember the people from the Hudson Valley who were killed on 9/11.

Remembering The Hudson Valley Lives Lost on 22nd Anniversary of 9/11

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Today, Monday, Sept. 911 marks the 22nd anniversary of the 9/11 terror attacks.

Many To Head To New York City To Honor 9/11 Victims

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New York families who lost loved ones during the attack, and others who want to honor the victims, will be gathering on Monday at the World Trade Center Memorial in Manhattan.

New 9/11 Tribute Planned In New York State

Also later today, for the first time this year, there will be a tribute after the 9/11 ceremony to recognize people who have died from g illnesses tied to the aftermath of the attacks or people who are still experiencing illnesses from the aftermath of the attack.

16th Annual Commemoration Ceremony Held At WTC Site For 9/11 Terror Victims
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During a ceremony, names of the 3,000 victims killed will be read out loud along with tolling of bells and moments of silence.

Biden's Plans For 9/11

Joe Biden Accepts Party's Nomination For President In Delaware During Virtual DNC
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President Biden plans to mark the somber occasion in Alaska on his return home from the G20 summit in India and a visit to Vietnam. The president will meet with first responders and military members at Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson in Anchorage.

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See 20 Ways America Has Changed Since 9/11

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