Customers are disappointed after a popular Hudson Valley restaurant unexpectedly closed for good.

Over the weekend, a source told Hudson Valley Post she wanted to check out The Sweet Onion Brewhouse in Florida after friends gave her glowing reviews. However, when she arrived the place was empty. At first, she assumed she had the wrong address, but after some searching around the establishment, she believed the restaurant closed.

Google still says the restaurant is open, but after some research, I've confirmed it has closed down.

In a Facebook post, The Sweet Onion Brewhouse announced on June 12, "THIS IS ALSO OUR LAST NIGHT OPEN EVER!!!"

The restaurant opened up about five years ago and was known for their food, beer and cocktails which are all locally sourced from across the Hudson Valley.

Owners say the closure is "due to irreconcilable differences with our landlord."

While many are disappointed The Sweet Onion Brewhouse has closed down, the good news is, it might be back at a new location in the future.

"You haven’t heard the last of us yet," The Sweet Onion Brewhouse wrote on Facebook.

The Sweet Onion BrewHouse was named the grand champion at Hudson Valley Wing Wars in 2017 and 2018. 

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