Animal activists from the Hudson Valley rescued 32 dogs living in what's described as awful conditions in a Utica warehouse.

Recently, Ulster County Canines, based in Saugerties, agreed to take in two dogs living at the Road 2 Home Rescue Support in Utica. Ulster County Canines Executive Director Jamie Stech contacted Road 2 Home Rescue Support in May after reports of deplorable conditions in their housing facilities began to leak out and neglect investigations into the shelter started.

On June 11, Stech and Adam Saunders, the co-founder of Ulster County Canines, traveled to Utica to see the situation for themselves.

They found several dogs suffering from urine scalding so severe that they could not walk, according to a press release. Many of the dogs were labeled "aggressive," and many were allegedly not handled or cleaned in quite some time, officials say.

Ulster County Canines then developed a plan to rescue as many dogs as possible. With the help of volunteers, over the course of four days, 32 dogs were removed from Utica. Six transferred to the Ulster County SPCA, two were taken to Columbia Greene Humane Society, two went to Paws Unlimited in Kingston and 22 dogs were taken to Ulster County Canines.

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