Police investigated 39 sex offenders in the Hudson Valley which led to 10 arrests.

On Thursday, the Village of Liberty police department announced the results of a two-month sex offender compliance operation.

The operation consisted of multiple investigations into registered sex offenders residing in the Village of Liberty who were suspected of violating the New York State Sex Offender Registration Act, police say.

The New York State Sex Offender Registration Act requires all registered sex offenders to notify authorities when they change their physical address or change internet accounts used by the offender.

Officers and detectives searched the internet and online social media for any evidence of unregistered social media accounts held by offenders.

Officers visited every sex offender within the Village of Liberty and physically verified both their home address and any internet accounts or identifiers held by the offenders.

Along with the officers, members of the New York State Division of Corrections and Community Supervision and Sullivan County Probation conducted home visits and searches of offenders under supervision to determine if they had violated any of the conditions of their parole or probation.

In total, 39 registered sex offenders were investigated and 10 were arrested. Below are the names of the 10 arrested and what they were charged with.

  • David Rollins: failure to report internet accounts, a felony
  • Shawn Webb: failure to report a change of address, a felony
  • Richard Motz: Violation of parole conditions
  • Maurice Reed: Violation of parole conditions
  • Lee Zimmerman: Violation of probation conditions
  • Stayce Lucca: Violation of parole conditions
  • Jacob Bodoh: Violation of parole conditions
  • Robert Dunn: Violation of parole conditions
  • Santos Morales: Violation of parole conditions
  • 19-year-old Man: Violation of parole condition

The teen's name wasn't released because of his potential youthful offender status, police say.

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