A very popular musician recently recorded a hit album in the Hudson Valley and loved every bit of his time spent in the local area.

After his 2015 debut album and hit pop song “Stiches,” Shawn Mendes came to the Clubhouse in Rhinebeck to record his second studio album, Illuminate. Hit songs like “Mercy” and “Treat You Better” were recorded right here in the Hudson Valley.

"Shawn Mendes is an brilliant artist, that can sing, play guitar, piano, and write songs," Paul Antonell told Hudson Valley Post. "It was my pleasure to host a wonderful group of song writers, musicians, and producers!"

In a recent interview, the Canadian singer and songwriter raved about his time spent in the Hudson Valley.

“We went up to this place called the Clubhouse in upstate New York, in Rhinebeck,” Mendes told Fader. “It was the most beautiful area on this massive hill, and we'd just do whatever we wanted, for a week. And as long as we were writing music, we were being productive. We just did whatever we wanted, which was so fun for me. It was such a freeing experience.”

Most of us from the Hudson Valley may cringe after seeing the words “upstate New York.” However, we can give the pop star a pass because he really does seem to love the local area and the 18-year-old says the time spent in Rhinebeck really helped shape him as a musician.

“Musically and creatively, the weeks we spent up in upstate New York recording [at Rhinebeck’s famed Clubhouse] were really formative; I learned so much about myself and my songwriting, and was able to put my heart into the project. I’m so proud of every single moment on the album,” Mendes told hits Daily Double.

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