Police say a New Jersey woman with 13 current suspensions on her driver’s license drove to her court case regarding her suspended license.

According to Suffern Police, around 8 p.m. Thursday, an officer was leaving the police station when he noticed a woman that he knew had a suspended driver’s license enter her vehicle. The vehicle was parked at the police station.

The officer observed the 34-year-old Saddle River woman pull out of her parking lot at the Suffern Police Station and drive onto E. Park Avenue in Suffern. Police are not disclosing the woman’s name at this time.

The officer pulled over the vehicle. Upon an investigation, the officer learned the woman had just left Suffern Court where she appeared for a prior suspended drive arrest. Suffern Village Court and the Suffern Police Department are at the same location. The officer also determined that the driver had 13 current suspensions on her driver’s license.

The New Jersey woman was placed under arrest and her vehicle was impounded.

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