Following a number of vehicle break-ins, police are reminding the public about a simple task that should keep your car and valuables safe.

Recently, the City of Poughkeepsie Police Department has seen an increase in reports of vehicle break-ins on Hooker Avenue and the area around Georgetown Square.

Someone is going through unlocked cars and stealing property, police say.

“City Police advise residents NOT to leave any valuables in their vehicles and to secure their vehicles by locking all doors,” City of Poughkeepsie police said in a press release.

Town of Poughkeepse Police also received reports of break-ins from unlocked cars.

“Please be sure to close windows and lock your cars during overnight hours,” Town of Pougkeepsie police said in a press release. “Do not leave any valuables in car overnight.”

A number of larcenies from unlocked cars were also recently reported in East Fishkill and neighboring towns.

To avoid having your car broken into, authorities remind everyone to always keep cars locked and remove valuables. Keeping outside lighting on may also prevent your home from being targeted by thieves, police say.

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