Six people in the Hudson Valley were attacked by two dangerous and aggressive coyotes. One is still on the loose.

The Yonkers Police Department was notified by the Westchester County Department of Health that a recently killed coyote tested positive for rabies.

The coyote and second coyote are suspected of biting multiple people, police say

The second and presumed rabid coyote is still on the loose, officials say.

The coyotes are likely the coyotes that attacked six people and at least two dogs in the lower Hudson Valley, reports NBC.

The animals were first reported Wednesday night when they attacked two people, in different areas. Both were walking their dogs.

One of the coyotes is believed to have bitten a mail carrier in the leg and attacked a woman on a bicycle. The animal knocked the woman off her bike and ran away.

Another man was bitten while riding his bike.

An officer was bitten while searching for the animals.

Many others reported close calls with coyotes, according to NBC.

Any coyote that doesn’t flee from people or acts aggressively is considered dangerous, according to Yonkers police. If you see one, call 911 right away.

Anyone who has come into contact with this animal or any aggressive coyote should notify their medical professional.

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