A dog was left tied to a fence in the Hudson Valley without food or water for 10 hours. An animal rights group is hoping you can help them find the owner.

Saturday morning, staff members at the Middletown Humane Society arrived at work and found a dog, who was abandoned near the humane society's front playpen. Officials believe the dog was left alone for over 10 hours.

"She was chained to the fence and tangled, unable to reach water, and left with no food," the Middletown Humane Society wrote on Facebook. "Alone and afraid and she needs our help."

The organization says the dog was very scared and acted aggressively towards people when they found the dog tied up. Staff members believe the dog was aggressive due to the "improper treatment by the owner that abandoned her here."

The Middletown Humane Society provided a photo of the car that they said left the dog on their property. The photo, which can be seen below, is from a surveillance camera from outside the humane society.

The Middletown Humane Society is hoping someone might recognize the dog or car so they can find the person or people responsible. Anyone with information is asked to contact police or the humane society. The Middletown Humane Society's phone number is (845) 361-1861.

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