An Ulster County teen allegedly brought a large knife to school with plans of stabbing an educator.

On Monday around 9:30 a.m., the Ellenville Police Department responded to a call about a student who was found armed with a knife at the Ellenville Junior High School on Maple Avenue in Ellenville.

Ellenville Student Caught With Knife


"Yesterday, it was discovered that an Ellenville Junior High School student had brought an 8-inch kitchen knife into the school building with the intent to harm a staff member," Ellenville Central Superintendent of Schools Lisa Wiles said in a letter to the community. "The student turned the knife over to an administrator without incident and local police were notified immediately."

Arriving officers learned the student was no longer in possession of the weapon and that the teenage student was put isolated in a room in the junior high school.

Ellenville Teen Intended To Stab Educator With 8-Inch Knife

A man with a bloody knife in his hand
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The investigation revealed a 13-year-old junior high student brought an 8-inch kitchen knife to school, according to the Ellenville Police Department. The 8-inch kitchen knife was in the boy's book bag and the student planned to stab an unnamed educator at Ellenville Junior High School, police say.

"The student indicated that he intended to stab one of the staff members at the school," the Ellenville Police Department wrote in a press release.

Police took the teenage boy into custody. He was transported to Garnett Regional Hospital for psychiatric evaluation. After he is released from Garnett Regional Hospital, he will face criminal charges which will be handed down in Ulster County Family Court, police say.

No injuries were reported.

"The actions that this student took today could have ended very tragically," Ellenville Police Chief Philip Mattracion stated. "Thanks to the quick-thinking actions of all involved this incident ended without any injuries to any student or staff member. Thankfully, there but for the grace of God, he was not able to execute his plan to fruition."

The student has been suspended from school, according to Wiles.

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