Some of the most popular grocery stores in New York State are also the "most overpriced."

U.S. officials hope the U.S. food industry is going into a period of deflation after three years of punishing price increases.

Inflation In New York State

Inflation Hits 11-Year High
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Some food prices have increased by 25 percent, since the start of the COVID pandemic.

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The pace of food inflation has slowed in recent months, but food prices are still going up, as prices rose nearly 3 percent between November 2022 and November 2023.

A recent poll by Hudson Valley Country found "New York's 15 Most Popular Grocery Stores."

What's shocking about the list is some of these popular stores (the full list is below) are also considered the "most overpriced."  Note: Those "overpriced" stores are after the popular list:

New York's 15 Most Popular Grocery Stores

15 of the most popular grocery stores in America are in New York state.

Gallery Credit: Getty Images/Canva

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Most Overpriced Grocery Stores In New York State

Bank Of England Governor Calls For Old Measure Of Inflation To Be Replaced
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With inflation forcing many to shop smarter our friends at Delish named "The Most Overpriced Grocery Stores In America."

"If you’d like to avoid buying $25 water, check out the five most expensive grocery stores in America so you can shop somewhere else," Delish states.

Two popular New York grocery stores made the list.

Whole Foods Markets

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Acme Markets

Many popular food items have been pulled from stores across New York State. See the full list below:

11 Foods You Can No Longer Buy In New York State

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