Many New Yorkers are outraged that taxpayers will pay an unprecedented amount of money to keep a sports team in New York. Significantly more than the team will pay. However, some say this is good for Empire State residents.

$1.4 billion New Stadium in Orchard Park.

On Monday, Gov. Kathy Hochul and Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz announced an agreement between New York State, Erie County, and the NFL's Buffalo Bills franchise for a $1.4 billion new stadium in Orchard Park.

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"I went into these negotiations trying to answer three questions - how long can we keep the Bills in Buffalo, how can we make sure this project benefits the hard-working men and women of Western New York and how can we get the best deal for taxpayers?" Hochul said. "I'm pleased that after months of negotiations, we've come out with the best answers possible - the Bills will stay in Buffalo for another 30 years, the project will create 10,000 union jobs and New Yorkers can rest assured that their investment will be recouped by the economic activity the team generates."

Under the deal, New York taxpayers will pay $850 million of the $1.4 billion in construction costs.

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New York State taxpayers will pay $600 million for the new stadium with Erie County residents adding an additional $250 million. The Buffalo Bills and NFL will pay $550 million.

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Many New Yorkers, including politicians, are outraged about the price tag. Brooklyn Sen. Zellnor Myrie (D) says this is "a hard pill to swallow."

"Go Bills for sure, but this is a hard pill to swallow when the premier state-run hospital in New York City, SUNY Downstate, is in dire straits after being designated a COVID-19-only hospital by the previous administration," Myrie tweeted.


On top of that, the Buffalo News did some digging and believes New York taxpayers will actually have to fork over $1.13 billion when factoring in maintenance costs.

“Everyone in government folded like a cheap suit,” a New York government lobbyist told The New York Post. “I am stunned.”

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Gov. Hochul says there are many reasons why this is good for all New Yorkers.

According to Hochul's office:

Reasons Why New $1.4 Billion Stadium is Good For All In New York

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