New lawsuits state New York City is establishing "unlicensed and unregulated homeless shelters" in the Hudson Valley.

Orange County officials confirmed three lawsuits were filed in another attempt to try and stop the City of New York from "illegally sending its homeless migrants and/or asylum seekers" to Orange County.

Orange County Seeks Restraining Orders To Stop New York City From Sending Homeless Population to County

Rene Mejia, Newburgh Community Organizer.
Rene Mejia, Newburgh Community Organizer.

Two of the lawsuits were filed by Orange County and the third was filed by the Town of Newburgh.

The lawsuit filed by the Town of Newburgh is also against the Crossroads Hotel in Newburgh, where migrants were dropped off last week.

"This action is to immediately halt the deliberate, hazardous unlawful conversion of the Crossroads Hotel," the lawsuit states.


Orange County Executive Steven M. Neuhaus on Friday filed two lawsuits on behalf of Orange County.

"The first lawsuit is against both the Crossroads Hotel and Ramada by Wyndham, both located in the Town of Newburgh. This lawsuit is to stop these hotels from accepting New York City’s homeless migrants and/or asylum seekers in violation of the Order and Declaration of Emergency issued by Neuhaus earlier this week," Orange County officials stated in a press release.

3 Lawsuits Filed In Orange County Regarding Migrants

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The other lawsuit filed by Neuhaus is against New York City and New York City Mayor Eric Adams.

Eric Adams
Michael M. Santiago /Getty Images

The lawsuit aims to stop New York City from establishing "unlicensed and unregulated homeless shelters in Orange County" for migrants and/or asylum seekers.

"New York City is a self-proclaimed sanctuary city and needs to fix this problem Orange County now faces. This issue was created by Mayor Adams and the Federal government’s failed immigration policies," Neuhaus said.

New York State law prohibits New York City from setting up homeless shelters outside of the five boroughs, according to Orange County officials.

Last week, busses full of migrants arrived in Orange County on Thursday, just hours after Orange County Executive Steve Neuhaus announced he was told by State and City officials that migrants would not be sent to a Newburgh hotel.

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“Unlike Rockland County, which had a hotel that wasn’t in compliance with existing permitting requirements, the hotels in Orange County had valid permits to exist as short-term rentals. Accordingly, the time to sue could not effectively start until Mayor Eric Adams sent (migrants) here, and these permitted short-term rental units were converted into long-term homeless housing shelters, which is not legal,” Orange County Attorney Rick Golden said.

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