An Orange County woman admitted she sold drugs with her 17-year-old son in Orange County.

In Orange County Court, 40-year-old Angela Peoples of Wallkill pleaded guilty to criminal possession of a weapon and two counts of criminal sale of a controlled substance.

With her guilty plea, Peoples admitted that on two occasions she sold oxycodone pills to undercover police officers near her Wallkill home. She also confused that on September 14, 2016, she illegally possessed a loaded .45 caliber pistol.

“Despite her prior protestations of innocence to the media, Angela Peoples has finally taken responsibility for her actions,” Orange County District Attorney David M. Hoovler stated. “I am grateful for the fine work that the Orange County Drug Task Force, and other Orange County law enforcement agencies, do every day to rid our communities of illegal narcotics and the illegally possessed guns that inevitably accompany drug trafficking.”

Angela Peoples’ teenage son is scheduled to appear in court on April 3. He was charged with criminal possession of a controlled substance, criminal sale of a controlled substance and criminal possession of a firearm.

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