A lucky Orange County won $3 million thanks to the New York Lottery. Three similar top prizes remain.

Orange County, New York Couple Wins $3 Million

On Friday, the New York Lottery confirmed Mark and Theresa Stewart of Circleville each claimed their half of a $3 million top prize on the New York Lottery’s Electric 10X scratch-off game.

“This is simply amazing,” Mark Stewart told New York Lottery officials.

Circleville, New York Couple Claims $3 Million Lottery Prize


The jackpot prize for the New York Lottery’s Electric 10X scratch-off game is paid out as $75,000 a year for 20 years. The Orange County couple opted to split the $3,000,000 prize evenly with each receiving an initial payment of $48,825 after required withholdings, according to the New York State lottery.

The Stewarts will continue to receive annual payments through 2041, officials say.

Winning Ticket Sold in Middletown, New York

The winning ticket was purchased at Crystal Run Sunoco located at 2 Ben Gillman Way in Middletown.


During the fiscal year of 2020-2021, New York’s scratch-off games have generated $4,231,742,980 in total sales. During the same period school districts in Orange County received $94,351,793 in Lottery Aid to Education funds, according to the New York State lottery

More New York Winners Expected

As of this writing, there were three top prizes remaining on the Electric 10X scratch-off ticket, according to the New York State lottery. If you played the game you can check the status of any New York Lottery scratch-off game by downloading the Game Report at nylottery.ny.gov.

How To Claim Your Lottery Prize in New York State


If you are holding either of those winning tickets there are a few options to claim your prize. You can schedule an appointment at one of the New York State Lottery's Customer Service Centers. An appointment is necessary.

You can redeem your prize with no appointment at any local prize claim center. Or, you can redeem your prize by mail. To redeem your prize you will need the following:

  • Your winning ticket
  • A filled-out Claim Form
  • A valid government-issued ID
  • A valid Social Security Number or FEIN

Claim Your Share Of Lost Money In New York State

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