A 'Big Mouth' comedian enjoyed a taste of the Hudson Valley over the weekend.

It should come as no surprise that the Hudson Valley and Upstate New York are popular destinations for celebrities trying to escape the glitz and glamour of life in the spotlight. And with that being said, we have yet another celebrity sighting in the mid-Hudson region, this time in Dutchess County.

Comedian Nick Kroll Dines in Dutchess

Comedy fans are probably very familiar with Nick Kroll. He's one of the creators and stars of Netflix's Big Mouth and The League, as the character Ruxin, that aired on FX from 2009 to 2015. He also voice Gunter from the Sing movies, if you have kids you know exactly who we're talking about.

Personally, I know Nick Kroll as "The Douche" from Parks and Rec.

I digress.

Kroll was first seen snapping a photo with the chef at Heritage Food + Drink in Wappingers Falls on last week:

Then on Friday, August 4th, Kroll was seen taking photos with fans at Terrapin in Rhinebeck.

Duane Joseph Olson
Duane Joseph Olson

Duane Olson shared his photos and experience with the comedian telling us:

Nick was incredibly kind and exceedingly friendly - I was very grateful that he gave me that much of his time. He took it upon himself to get a couple different shots in case the angle wasn’t good - I think we probably both benefited from that.
Duane Joseph Olson
Duane Joseph Olson

No word yet if Kroll is working on a project here in Hudson Valley or just visiting. Either way we hope he enjoyed his time in the area and comes back soon!

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