Two U.S. military veterans are dead after a drone strike in Ukraine. One has ties to the Hudson Valley. His family could use some help.

Former U.S. Marine Lance Lawrence and former Army officer Andrew Webber died July 29 fighting in an operation against Russian forces.

Two Americans Killed In Ukraine

Ukraine And Russia In Back-And-Forth Battle On Donbas Frontlines
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They were leading foreigners in Ukraine’s 59th Motorized Brigade, reports say.

"Our friend, and we will always cherish the time he was with us. Lance was enlisted into the Ukrainian Armed Forces. He was not a mercenary out for blood or excited for combat. He came because he thought what was happening in Ukraine by Russia was wrong. Rest easy, brother," O'Leary tweeted.  

West Point Graduate Killed Fighting In Ukraine

West Point
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Andrew Webber is a West Point graduate.

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"His smile, humor, and caringness will be missed. He leaves behind a caring wife and daughters," Father, Son, Brother, Friend. Andrew brought a lot of knowledge to the table in planning and operations. As well as a cool head on the actual operations," O'Leary said about Webber.

Webber graduated from the United States Military Academy in 2005. He's survived by his two young girls and wife, according to GoFundMe.

"He was a veteran education mentor, a relentless patriot and a defender of freedom who valued justice and liberty for others just as much as his own life. He was passionate about domestic urban trauma care and had submitted a patent for low-cost trauma kits," the GoFundMe states.


Webber went to Ukraine with the intent of providing some combat trauma training. He was supporting Ukraine's independence as a volunteer.

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Money raised from GoFundMe will help his family navigate these challenging times.

CLICK HERE to donate. As of this writing over $66,000 has been raised.

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